Petron Automation, Inc. is a very successful and growing Swiss-type and CNC machine shop and contract manufacturing company, located in a state of the art 17,000 square foot facility in Watertown, CT. We have 35 years manufacturing high precision parts for different industries. Our success lies in our actual capability to offer high quality products and outstanding customer service, along with very competitive pricing. We have mainly grown due to “word of mouth,” and appreciate the very good references from our customers.

We are ISO 13485: 2016 certified. We have a culture of continuous improvement, and strive to maximize the value we deliver to our customers. We understand that the value is measured by helping our customers to effectively reduce their costs, improve their quality, and shorten time-to-market. During our 35 years in business we have implemented a successful and sustainable business model in delivering such value. We are very competitive and reliable, and have goals and capabilities to develop long-term business relationships with our customers.