Strong Technical Support

tech support

We strive to locate, hire, train, and retain the best technical personnel within the Swiss-type turning field. Including our President/Founder, who has over 40 years of experience in such field and currently works as our Technical Director, we have a very strong technical team consisting of 15 people.

STS3We have very capable, motivated, and accountable process engineers, programmers, and operators, some extensively trained directly at Torno?s headquarters in Switzerland, with expertise in maximizing the potential outcome of our 14 Tornos top of the line machines. We have successful teamwork, among us and with our customers, and a very good attitude and technical know-how to ingeniously tackle new and challenging parts. We have the technical capabilities and expertise to work with our customers? Engineering, Production, and Quality Departments from “prototype to production,” aiding to help shorten their time-to-market. From the first sample parts to the final product including primary and secondary operations, Petron Automation can offer our customers a complete part.

STS2Our continuous improvement mentality enables us to effectively develop faster and better manufacturing processes, aiding to maximize the value we provide to our customers.