Swiss Machining


To stay on the cutting edge of technology and at the forefront of a market that is constantly the subject of innovation, it is Petron Automation’s policy that our Swiss lathes are sold and replaced after six years of service. This ensures that we are not only able to benefit from the upgrades that industry innovations provide, but furthermore, limits machine down time caused by problems that are coupled with “wear and tear” suffered by older machines. The list below is our current inventory of Swiss style CNC lathes which are constantly updated as machines are replaced and out business grows.

Swiss Lathes


3x Tornos Deco 13a

1x Tornos Deco 13e

3x Tornos Deco 26a

1x Tornos Delta

1x Tornos EvoDeco 16/10

2x Tornos Swiss ST 26

1x Maier MLK-30 Hybrid

2x Tornos Swiss Nano

1x Tornos EvoDeco 32

?Pinch Turning

Gun Drilling

Pinch Milling


Thread Whirling

Thread Rolling

Circular Interpolation

Helical Interpolation



Gear Hobbing


Polar Coordinate Milling

Rigid Tapping